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my laptop's left hinge decided to break today. the plastic on the lid starts to snap apart when i close it but snaps back together. no idea what exactly the source of the problem is yet, but i hope to god i can fix it easily or else i'll be stuck with a permanently stationary laptop :P

welp, youtube is nearly completely broken. how does that happen on the second most popular website on the planet? who knows.

i heard from a family member that their workplace is selling off their old electronics for pretty cheap- hp elitebooks for $25 a pop(!), free printers (no surprise there) and microsoft surface pro 3's for $50. considering the surface pro 3's still go for a fairly pretty penny, i'm thinking of winging it and asking for them to grab one for me when they can. my current main pc is a laptop (acer nitro 5) and it tends to annoy the hell out of me a lot of the time. i'd rather focus on using a linux box at my main living place and using the surface instead of lugging around this laptop back and forth. it'd be super nice to have something portable that i can code on when i'm away from the house (if the moons align and such an outing actually happens)

one thing about obscure websites that i've always found strangely endearing for me are pages that use plain html for their layouts. i've always loved sites that use the bare minimum amount of resources and features required to do what they need to do, whether it be documentation, a personal site, a discussion board, or just a remnant of the old world wide web. the feeling of simplicity and uniformity gives off vibes that i really wish i could feel from more sites with the addition of being super lightweight and something that won't eat up all my ram on firefox, haha.

i'm having a sudden surge of blog post ideas, so expect a few more posts until i finally fall asleep as a result of my bad sleep schedule.

surprisingly enough, i actually managed to write a new blog post. wow! amazing, i know.

i'm starting to think that isolating myself socially online will be for the best. going on twitter every day and seeing things i'm missing out on really effect my mood, but i can't tell if i'm digging myself a hole that i'll be even more lonely in or doing myself a favor at this point. i'm glad to see people starting to act up against centralized social media in general, since i'd absolutely love to see services like mastodon have more adoption because of how well balanced it is compared to the big guys. i very recently tried out mastodon myself, but lost interest pretty quickly. twitter-like sites are just not my thing anymore, i guess- i've felt a lot more comfortable and honestly a bit happier just sticking with my close friends on things like discord and telegram.

after some quick consideration, i've decided to host my own blog on neocities! this site has always been a favorite of mine since going through all the sites is like a giant internet rabbit hole. it's a great little place :D

expect more blog posts in the coming days, my introverted mind has plenty of stories and thoughts to share.